P.T. PlayStation Store PS4

Many had assumed that 'purchasing' the free license for P.T. would be enough to allow you to re-download the Silent Hills demo from the PlayStation Store in perpetuity – but in typical Konami style, the promotional title has been totally pulled from Sony's servers. Polygon noticed that following yesterday's North American PlayStation Store update, the release was no longer available – and this has since been corroborated by various users on popular forum NeoGAF.

The good news is that it's still available in Europe, but probably only for a few more hours. We've got it downloading to our console now, and we recommend that you do the same if you want to keep hold of it. The demo – which won silver in our Game of the Year countdown – is arguably still one of the most original pieces of content on the PlayStation 4 and deserves to be played. Those extortionate systems on eBay may well sell after all.

[source polygon.com, via neogaf.com]