Costume Quest 2 PlayStation 4 PS4

After spending, oh, just the eight months in SCEE quality assurance hell, Costume Quest 2 is finally ready for, er, Hallowe'en. The game's already available on the PlayStation 3 in Europe, but missed the Holiday of Horrors by some margin on the PlayStation 4. There's no word as to why the game was delayed – maybe it couldn't find the right outfit.

The title will cost £11.99 on Sony's next-gen system when the manufacturer's storefront updates later today. "Costume Quest 2 is a pretty bog standard RPG," wrote Graham Banas in our review, "but it's outfitted with charm by the bucket load, and that's its real appeal." With our carved pumpkin long since rotted, we think that we'll pass.

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Good work getting it out, though, SCEE. Stellar stuff.