Bloodborne PS4 Patch 1.03

That big Bloodborne logo that used to appear during the PlayStation 4 exclusive's loading screens may be burned into your retinas by now, but it's finally gone. Sony has released a brand new patch for its critically acclaimed outing, which not only cuts down loading times by around 30 per cent, but also replaces them with little bits of intel on each of the game's items.

We've just taken the update for a run, and while the loading screens are still quite long when you're warping into areas such as Central Yharnam, you can get back to the Hunter's Dream in around five seconds or less now, which is nice. We much prefer reading the release's ridiculous lore while we're waiting, too.

Other improvements include a fix to the elevator leading to optional boss Ebrietas, as well as a solution to the error that caused the game to get easier if you left it turned on for many hours at a time. There are also some minor balance changes that we spotted: the cannon, for example, now eats up 12 quicksilver to fire. We're not sure how we feel about that.

All in all, though, this is a welcome patch – even though we suspect that many of you will be on your third or fourth run by now. Will this convince you to go through the game again? Drop all of your Blood Echoes in the comments section below.