Wind jammer

There are few games better suited to summer than Tearaway Unfolded. Media Molecule's re-imagined papercraft platformer is like a breath of fresh air, and audio lead Kenneth Young has reiterated that the PlayStation 4 exclusive escapade will be shining on Sony's next-gen system when the sun finally reappears. Unfortunately, the confirmation comes as part of some less bright and breezy news.

"Sad to announce that I'm leaving Media Molecule," he wrote on Twitter. "But excited to announce that my first client as a game audio contractor will be... Media Molecule! I'll be working with my friends until we ship Tearaway Unfolded this summer. Then I'm going to have a rest." We reckon that you've probably earned one, Kenneth.

The variety in Sony's first-party lineup is extraordinary this year; from the cinematic The Order: 1886 to the gameplay heavy Bloodborne, and the vibrant Tearaway Unfolded to the macabre Until Dawn, there really is something in the pipeline for everyone. We absolutely loved Iota and Atoi's adventure on the PlayStation Vita, so we can't wait to re-experience it on the big screen.