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Credit where credit's due: the PlayStation Network has been very stable these past few months. While there were regular outages over the holidays, we're yet to report on any significant downtime in 2015, which is, of course, the way that it should be. Spare a thought, however, for the engineers working hard to make that possible, as Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that Sony's servers get attacked every single day.

"We are always, always working against these attacks," he ensured in an interview with Game Informer magazine. "Actually, an attack happens every day. Literally every day. Some days are bigger and some days smaller. Some days they devise new means, new ways – it's like cat and mouse. We have a partner company we work with, and we always update the new ways that the attacker might deploy. So, it's a constant battle."

Sony apologised for the big PSN outage over Christmas by adding five days of PlayStation Plus service to subscribers' accounts – and offering a 10 per cent discount voucher on the PlayStation Store. Microsoft, to its credit, has suggested that all three console major manufacturers are working together to prevent these attacks – after all, ongoing downtime hurts the industry just as much as any individual platform holder.

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