Ratchet & Clank PlayStation 4 PS4 1

Insomniac Games has finally broken silence on its forthcoming Ratchet & Clank reboot for the PlayStation 4. The release was originally announced during Sony's E3 press conference last year, but has been missing in action ever since. With the Burbank-based developer done promoting other platforms, though, it finally seems ready to talk about its mascot's return.

"In 2015, we have the rare (actually, for us, unprecedented) opportunity to expand Ratchet's universe simultaneously in two forms," the developer wrote on its official blog. "We'll continue our involvement with the Ratchet & Clank feature film. And we're excited to announce that we're also developing a game that shares the film's vision of Ratchet's origin story."

According to the studio, the game will re-imagine the series' very first foray, and will introduce updated gameplay and completely new visuals built from the ground up for the Japanese giant's next-gen machine. It's being produced by both its California and North Carolina offices, making it something of an ambitious undertaking for the outfit.

"Many of the original developers responsible for the very first Ratchet & Clank game have an opportunity to create the stunning Solana Galaxy that they – and our fans – have always wanted to see," it continued. "Long time design director Brian Allgeier, studio director Chad Dezern, and game director Shaun McCabe will lead the project."

The company's yet to release any official footage or screenshots, but seeing as this still has a tentative "first half of 2015" launch window attached, we're sure that it'll be unveiled soon. Perhaps we'll get a proper look as part of the platform holder's annual showcase in New York later this week. Fingers crossed, huh?

[source insomniacgames.com]