PlayStation MVPs are essentially Sony super fans who get invited to various internal events as a reward for being top-tier consumers. They're also occasionally privy to information that they're not supposed to publicly share – like this email that popped up on NeoGAF earlier this evening. We suspect that a certain someone may find their privileges revoked any moment now.

According to the correspondence, the platform holder's holding an event in New York on Friday, 13th February, which will supposedly "support the launch of a new PlayStation initiative". Guesses so far range from television streaming service PlayStation Vue right the way through to a proper Project Morpheus blowout, but no one seems to know what this is about for sure.

Apparently, unreleased games and celebrities will be present at the event. There'll also be an open bar, which sounds like a solid sweetener if the announcements turn out to be trash. Of course, as with anything as ambiguous as this, we'd advise you to keep your excitement levels low. All the same, what do you think that this new initiative could be? Guess away in the comments section.