Where do we go from here?

Ask anyone who has played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and they'll tell you that it's a fascinating adventure that culminates with an emotional punch to the gut. Future sequels were hardly implied by this standalone indie title, however, but developer Starbreeze Studios has announced that it has handed the property over to publisher 505 Games.

For a hefty sum of $500,000, the aforementioned publisher now possesses full ownership of the IP and all of its trademarks and domain names. While we think that the original developer would be more than the right fit to do justice to a future instalment, CEO Bo Andersson Klint said: "With Brothers, we've created a strong and critically acclaimed IP, which we now feel can be best nurtured under a new owner. Brothers will continue to generate awe and admiration for the great storytelling standard that [director] Josef Fares set under 505 Games' watchful eye."

With an impressive 800,000 units sold digitally worldwide, Klint's claims have validity, and Ian Howe, the president of 505 Games, ensures that his company will treat it with respect. "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a remarkable game," he said. "It's one of the most affecting games of the last generation and one of which 505 Games has been very proud to be associated."

What do you think of this acquisition? Do you believe that 505 Games will find the right successor to continue what Starbreeze started, or should Brothers have been left alone? If you've played the game, what are your thoughts on it? Tag along in the comments section down below.

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