Dying Light PS4 Reviews PlayStation 4

You may have noticed that there are a real dearth of Dying Light reviews around the web. This is because Warner Bros didn't send anyone review code until earlier in the week, and we only received our copies this morning. While you're free to make of that what you will, a few appraisals are starting to pop up, so seeing as this is the first big PlayStation 4 game of the year, we figured that we'd bring you a quick round up to help aid your purchasing decision. We'll also have some impressions from the parkour-'em-up later today.

Cheat Code Central - 4.7/5

The take-home message is that Dying Light has quickly become one of my favorite zombie-killing games and I think I might just be playing this game for quite a while. Or at least until something new happens with Destiny.

Attack of the Fanboy - 4/5

Dying Light is one of those games that could have easily disappointed. You know the type of game. The one that has a laundry list of features, none of which really work all that well. One that has a lot of things that sound ambitious, but never really pan out. It could have been that game, but it isn't. What it is, is a surprisingly well put together open-world survival game with a lot of moving parts, all of which add up to something pretty fun to play. It's not going to blow your mind in terms of story, and the mission structure of the campaign is certainly familiar, but Dying Light has cohesion between its parts that make it enjoyable. The day night cycle, the deep crafting, parkour and brutal combat, Dying Light attempts to be all things to all people, and does a better job than most at it.

Destructoid - 7/10

Dying Light often boils down to "Zombies: The Videogame," but it's fun to flip around like a ninja and cause havoc while you shuffle from one mission to the next. For many of you out there, that's basically all you'll need.

The Jimquisition - 5/10

Parkour. Open world. Zombies. Online co-op. Crafting. Radio towers. Zombies. Collect-a-thons. Zombies. Zombies. Dying Light desperately tries to be all of the videogames in a bid to impress everybody. If only it had tried as hard to be its own thing, we'd have had an amazing horror game on our hands. Instead, we just have another indistinct jack-of-all-trades to throw on top of the ever growing pile.

Have you already picked up Dying Light, or are you waiting for more verdicts before making a decision? Run as fast as you can in the comments section below.