Don't wanna be your monkey wrench

You can never have too much money in a game like Dying Light on the PlayStation 4, and fortunately, YouTube extraordinaire PowerPyx has dreamed up a method to help you make some serious dough in the undead-'em-up. This very much falls into the exploit camp, and will likely get patched – so you may want to make the most of it while you still can.

To make lots of lolly, simply equip your best weapon, and make sure that you've purchased the 'Melee Throw' skill from the 'Power' skill tree. Then, simply throw your weapon, and immediately bring up your inventory. Drop the weapon while your toss is still in mid-air, and you'll have successfully duplicated your armament. Repeat this process.

When you've got a backpack full of your most valuable weapon, head to the shop and then sell them all off apart from one. You can loop this process as many times as you like to make an unlimited amount of money. Some may say that it's cheating, but hey, when you're up against an army of aggressive corpses, we reckon that corner cutting is A-ok.