Always a friendly face

No, we're not going multiplatform – but we have got to cover this. Quantic Dream teased a January announcement late last year, and we immediately assumed that it would have something to do with those PlayStation 4 Trophies for Beyond: Two Souls that leaked eons ago. It turns out, however, that the French firm was alluding to a PC and mobile port of Fahrenheit.

Also known as Indigo Prophecy in North America, the interactive adventure will release on 29th January on Steam, which coincides with the teaser website uncovered earlier in the week. It'll feature remastered graphics, as well as the option to switch between the original and upgraded textures in realtime. Moreover, this will be the uncut version, which was previously reserved for the international release.

There's no word on whether this will also deploy on the PlayStation 4, but we suppose that it would be nice for those of you that only got into David Cage's games on the PlayStation 3. Are you eager to clean up that coffee shop murder all over again? Fight against the embodiment of the Internet in the comments section below.

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