Mass Effect Cinematic Shepard

Normandy enthusiasts rejoice — it's looking like BioWare will be bringing the Mass Effect Trilogy to the PlayStation 4. The sci-fi series follows Commander Shepard as he — or she — embarks on a galaxy saving quest with the help of humans and aliens from throughout the Milky Way.

The shooter-RPG hybrid franchise was easily one of the most successful new properties of the last generation, with a new entry into the series currently in development. However, with the advent of new and shiny consoles, many fans have been pining to see the original trilogy make the hardware jump.

Posting on NeoGAF, BioWare Canada GM Aaryn Flynn all but confirmed that a trilogy remake or remaster is happening sooner or later, and asked site members for input in regards to what improvements they'd like to see. Giving examples, Flynn listed numerous possible features, such as 1080p resolution, 60 frames-per-second performance, high quality textures — especially for the original Mass Effect — full DLC support, and a "seamless experience" which would have the individual games connect as if they were one release, with no need to import saves or return to menu screens. Sounds good to us.

Of course, this news has suddenly appeared due to the fact that today is the 7th November, or N7 day, which has long been designated as a time to celebrate all things Mass Effect. Would you like to take control of Commander Shepard's destiny all over again? Warn the world about the Reapers in the comments section below.

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