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A big belated apology – we’re a good 24 hours behind the times with this edition of Push Rewind. Unfortunately, yours truly was busy last night, but we didn’t want to let all of last week’s big stories slip through your net like a bug in Ubisoft’s quality assurance department. As such, your usual programming resumes below – albeit a little bit late.

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Assassin's Creed Unity - 5/10

With Assassin's Creed Unity, there's a great game buried somewhere beneath an unforgivable amount of technical issues, from annoying glitches to frustrating crashes. It's a perfect example of how Ubisoft's insistence to annualise the series has backfired, as it's clearly an unfinished product. While it manages to both refine and add to the franchise's formula with enjoyable co-op, missions that encourage experimentation, and a few accessible RPG mechanics, we simply can't guarantee that your experience won't be plagued by problems both big and small.

Tales of Hearts R - 8/10

Tales of Hearts R starts strong, and only gets better as it progresses. The cast may not be the best in the series, and the random encounters do feel a bit dated, but this is an overall top-notch production, which we’re thrilled has found its way overseas at last. If your Vita’s barely murmured over the past few weeks, then this is the blood that’ll bring your system back to life – and it’s a release that no self-respecting JRPG fan should bypass.

Other Reviews

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Feature: Four of Assassin's Creed Unity's Most Gloriously Ghastly PS4 Glitches

No one deserves to be singled out for their appearance, and Ubisoft clearly believes passionately in that sentiment. Recognising that the Hunchback of Notre Dame has been persecuted for centuries based on his unusual exterior, the French firm has decided that the ugly individual deserves some company – and so these Assassin’s Creed Unity oddities are the publisher’s response.

Talking Point: Should SCEA Prepare More Official PS4 Bundles?

Sony’s strategy in Europe with the PlayStation 4 appears to revolve around releasing as many bundles as it can possibly muster. This enthusiasm for big box sets has bordered on parody at points, with Germany landing a gigantic hardware set including Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, and Knack. The tactic has been mirrored overseas as well, with Japan readying dozens of limited edition consoles, complete with custom hard drive covers. Why, then, is SCEA seemingly so averse to the idea of premium platform packages?

Other Features

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Happy Birthday to You, PlayStation 4

Apparently, today marks the anniversary of the PlayStation 4’s release in North America, which means that you should probably take a moment to toast your super system – all to the backdrop of 50 Cent’s infectious In Da Club. Seriously, though, has it really been a year already? This particular author remembers getting up extraordinarily early in order to cover the New York live event 12 months ago.

PlayStation Vue Is Sony's Very Own TV, TV, TV Service

It’s been rumoured for what feels like an eternity, but Sony has finally officially unveiled PlayStation Vue today – a cloud-based television service which will allow you to cut the cord on your cable or satellite box, and watch live or on-demand content on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. A beta will launch this month to select console owners.

Weirdness: This Sneaky Sony Engineer Hid His Name in Your PS4

If you were about to leave a company, what would you do to make sure that your name lived on within its walls? Well, Kazuya Sakakihara – an ex-software engineer for Sony, who helped design both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 – decided that the best way for him to leave an indelible mark on the Japanese giant was to quite literally implant himself into its newest console.

Want Another PS4 System Update? Firmware 2.02 Is Arriving Soon

After the rather large overhaul that was system update v2.00, PlayStation 4 users rejoiced for the fact that a meaningful update had finally arrived on Sony's sleek black box.

This Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Trailer Will Sell You on the Sandbox Again

Rockstar Games should probably be tried for extortion on the basis of this Grand Theft Auto V video – after all, it’s convinced us to double dip on the title’s PlayStation 4 re-release. The company always manages to cut a good trailer, but with sweeping vehicle shots and some solid sound bites, this clip will practically print money for the publisher. Impressive stuff.

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Video of the Week

Video: Watch As We Recap October's Best PlayStation Games

New music, new games, new video – it’s Game of the Month time. Again. Already. Despite the fact that these come around bloody fast, we’ve got a corker lined up for you today. Watch on as we pick a new backing track in realtime, watch cat robots quaff boiled eggs, and, er, publish silly pictures of an alien with an afro. See you next time!