Hook, line, and sinker

Just Cause 3 has been a subject of speculation for almost as long as this site has been in existence, so it’s nice to see that the sequel has finally been officially unveiled. The focus of Game Informer’s latest cover story, the PlayStation 4 follow-up will plot the return of protagonist Rico Rodriguez, and will see you whisked away to a fictitious Mediterranean archipelago.

As with the previous instalment, you’ll still have access to a grappling hook, as well as a parachute – hopefully making for some entertaining navigation techniques. However, you’ll now also be able to operate a wing suit, which should come in useful when you need to quickly eject from a damaged helicopter or plane.

The game won’t be releasing on the PlayStation 3, so developer Avalanche promises to push Sony’s next-gen machine to its limits. Sadly, aside from the short trailer below, that’s all that we have to go on for now. Fortunately, there’ll be much more information in the latest issue of Game Informer, which you can purchase through here.

[source gameinformer.com]