Can you hear the Dragons calling?

Ah, Skyrim. A setting full of glorious natural beauty, strange beasts, hardy people, plenty of mead, and more technical bugs than you can imagine. It's a virtual world that we're sure many readers will remember with fondness, but how would you like to explore those cold Northern reaches all over again on PlayStation 4 and Vita?

Well, you'll be able to do so soon enough, sort of. 4J Studios, the developer behind the PlayStation ports of Minecraft, has confirmed on Twitter that it's bringing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC pack to Sony's platforms. The download applies a slew of changes to the block-'em-up based on Bethesda's open world blockbuster, including textures, character skins, music, and even a reworked user interface.

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While the studio has warned that the pack won't be available this month, it's stressed that it'll be up and running "soonish". We reckon a seasonal trip back to the home of the Nords is on the cards, and maybe this time, it'll actually run like it's supposed to.

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