Size doesn't matter

LittleBigPlanet is a franchise that’s so innovative that it deserves an advertisement that’s equally imaginitive. We’re happy to say, then, that this commercial for the third entry in the series is pretty clever. Not only does it take a pot-shot at the homogenisation of the rest of the industry, but it also manages to squeeze in references to two things that Americans love: Game of Thrones and guns.

This spot will be running on television in the build up to the title’s release next week. Sadly, those of you in Europe will need to remember that the game’s not due out until later in the month, as SCEE pushed the release back in order to avoid Grand Theft Auto V, among other games. To be honest, that was probably the right move.

What do you think of this clip? Will you be picking up Sackboy’s latest escapade on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3? Engage your brain in the comments section below.