Well done for beta testing the game everyone; Assassin’s Creed Unity may resemble a finished product later this week. Ubisoft has announced that it will be launching a brand new PlayStation 4 patch for its plagued Parisian escapade tomorrow, which will improve the title’s frame rate – and fix a frightening number of bugs that somehow snuck into the retail release.

These issues range from getting stuck in hay carts to non-playable characters running on the spot, and much more. You can peruse the full changelog through here, but you may want to set aside half a day or so, because it’s long. In truth, seeing as we actually enjoyed Arno’s adventure when it worked, we’re pleased to see all of these improvements – but we have to imagine that the publisher knew about many of these problems prior to release. Not really good enough, is it?

[via forums.ubi.com]