The boys are back in town

Considering that we keep conveniently ignoring it, you may have forgotten that LittleBigPlanet 3 is set to gad onto the PlayStation 3 next month, alongside the PlayStation 4. However, with two versions of the same game on store shelves, you may be curious if there are any differences between the duo. Honestly, the answer is not really.

The video embedded below – captured directly from the beta versions of the forthcoming platformer – definitely highlights the next-gen release’s sharper visuals, but the two titles are largely comparable in all other regards. We suppose that the textures are more pronounced on the Japanese giant’s super system as well, but that’s hardly a selling point.

Of course, you will have access to some extra level creation tools on the PS4, such as the ability to capture videos – which can then be used to create custom trailers for your stages – as well as the touchpad. If neither of these things matter to you, though – and you’re yet to upgrade – it doesn’t look like you’ll be missing much if you pick up the PS3 version of Sackboy’s latest escapade.