Playstation University

Well, that's us here at Push Square absolutely drunk with jealousy. Sangmyung University in South Korea is going to be hosting a course all about PlayStation, in a classroom that's, er, all about PlayStation.

The learning institute has teamed up with Sony to create the course, in which students will be studying the likes of the PS4 and Vita. It sounds like it's only a weekly event, but the fact that a course like this exists is enough to make us wonder why the heck we even bothered with two years of pondering over subjects like fine art.

To top it all off, students get to sit at their very own DualShock desks, surrounded by posters of upcoming releases. If it all sounds like some kind of brainwashing scheme, it may very well be, but we still wouldn't actually mind paying tuition fees if it meant that our curriculum mostly involved gaming banter. Are you already packing your bags? Petition for PlayStation UK to get involved in education in the comments section below.