PlayStation 4

Everything’s looking rosy in the PlayStation Nation right now. Sony’s next-gen system is running away with the console crown, already surpassing 10 million units, with many more to come this Christmas, we suspect. Moreover, the lineup looks good, with a strong mix of first-party and third-party titles on the way – as well as many more quietly in production behind-the-scenes.

However, the platform holder refuses to get complacent, stressing that strong competition from Microsoft is more than enough reason to keep it motivated. “We're here to compete,” SCEUK boss Fergal Gara told “There's a long way to go. One million [PlayStation 4 units sold in the UK] is very important, but there are many more millions to come, clearly.”

There are a slew of excellent Xbox One bundles set to hit UK store shelves over the busy Christmas shopping period, and the outspoken executive reckons that the two juggernauts will run each other hard. “I think that it'll be competitive,” he beamed. “I have every respect for the team at Xbox, and we know that they're going to give us a strong run for our money.”

Of course, there’s only one horse that Gara’s backing in this race. “We're delighted to be in a strong position, and have every determination to do the very best by PlayStation gamers and bring loads more of them on board.” We sense that it’s going to be a humongous holiday for the Japanese giant and its best selling box.