PlayStation 4 UK

In console war terms, the PlayStation 3 lost in the UK. Not only did it sell significantly less than its closest competitor the Xbox 360, but it also fell behind in mindshare. Stores would stick Sony’s latest releases right to the back of their video game sections, and newspaper promotions would always show green boxes rather than black and red ones. Fortunately for the firm, it’s completely turned the tables.

Speaking anecdotally, our local shops boast entire walls of PlayStation 4 branding, with virtually every multiformat game promoted on the Japanese giant’s next-gen system – and rarely its nearest counterpart. And that sea change has resulted in the platform holder’s newest console racing to an advantage on British shores, as to mark the release of Destiny, the company’s announced that it’s already moved one million units in these parts.

It’s taken the console nine months to hit the milestone, making it the nation's second fastest selling system ever. Fergal Gara, who’s in charge of SCEUK, though, reckons that it could have been so much more. “Our biggest problem last Christmas was that our forecasts were more modest at the time when we started calling things like manufacturing capacity,” he told “So while the team did a brilliant job of getting us more than we thought that we would need, it still wasn't enough.”

Fortunately, the firm doesn’t anticipate any problems this holiday. “I'm expecting both a very strong sales Christmas and healthy volumes this Christmas,” he added. “I don't anticipate any consumer problems.” Still, with Microsoft coming back strong, it will be interesting to see whether the company can maintain its lead over the Redmond-based organisation, which is rumoured to sit at a ratio of 1.5:1. We suppose that that Destiny bundle will help today, huh?