At least one person showed up

Japan may still be considered something of a gaming mecca among some, but its importance in the console space is slowly declining. With many of the region’s biggest developers struggling to adapt to the PlayStation 3 era, and handhelds currently ruling the roost, it’s not exactly a surprise to see the recently released PlayStation 4 languishing near to the bottom of the nation’s hardware sales charts. But it may not be the worst selling system for much longer.

Reports coming out of the Land of the Rising Sun suggest that the Xbox One managed to sell an abysmal 23,562 units during its first four days on sale overseas – an atrocious number when you consider that the PS4 disappointed with its comparably colossal 322,000 units over two days. The real disappointment for Microsoft is that this tally is less than the Xbox 360, which opened with 60,000 units across two days.

Of course, it’s no real surprise, as the Redmond-based manufacturer has really failed to make an impact in the East over the 12 or so years that it’s been in the gaming market. However, with the Wii U also failing to set the world on fire, this does hint at a frightening decline for home formats in the territory. All hopes are now pinned on Dragon Quest: Heroes, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts III – they all need to hit hard.