What on Earth is even happening here?

There are trailers that barely tell us anything about a game (see: Gone Home) , and then there are trailers that are absolutely chock full of spoilers (see: The Last of Us Remastered). The best types of trailer, though, are the ones that are so ridiculous that they transcend mere marketing and become works of art. Old-school shooter Shadow Warrior's latest PlayStation 4 video falls firmly into that latter category.

Between the ludicrous violence, nonsensical dialogue, and faux 80s power-pop balladry playing in the background, the title appears to be everything that this particular writer has ever wanted. Arguably the clip's greatest feature, however, are the fake box quotes that periodically pop up to hilarious effect.

What do you make of Shadow Warrior? Does its ultraviolence push your buttons, or is it all just a bit too absurd? Practice your Kung-Fu in the comments section below.

[source computerandvideogames.com, via youtube.com]