Joel and Ellie strike again

As one of its key titles leading into the holiday season, it's not surprising that Sony decided to showcase The Last of Us Remastered near the end of its E3 presentation. It is, however, incredibly surprising that it would choose to do so in such a spoiler-heavy fashion. Make no mistake, if you've not played The Last of Us, you should avoid this trailer like the plague.

If you haven't closed the window, we suspect you either don't care about spoilers, or you're wondering how much better the updated version of Naughty Dog's latest actually looks. If it's the latter, we're happy to confirm that the terrifying title looks extremely pretty in the newly released clip. If it's the former, this is your last chance to reconsider.

Will you be picking up The Last of Us Remastered when it launches for PlayStation 4 on 29th July? Are you sufficiently impressed with the rejigged visuals? Craft a shiv in the comments section below.