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Not content with MotoGP 14 and the upcoming enhanced edition of MXGP, Italian outfit Milestone has announced a new motorcycle title for the PlayStation 4 named RIDE. Also due out on the PlayStation 3, the game promises to take superbike racing off the track, with a variety of city, country, and historical circuits for you to burn rubber upon.

Due out in Spring 2015, the upcoming release will allow you to choose from over 100 bikes, each stemming from the following four categories: Superbikes, Supersports, Naked, and Historical. There’ll also be tons of rider customisation – hopefully beyond the developer’s usual ‘Pick a Stock Photograph’ options.

“With RIDE, we're confident that players and motorcycle enthusiasts the world over will feel the irresistible urge, pad clutched in hands, perched on the edge of the sofa, to physically lean into those corners as they speed along the tracks,” an enthusiastic Marco Micallef, director of marketing and sales, said. There are no screenshots yet, so you’ll have to make do with this trailer.