Shouldn't have talked so much, huh?

Regardless of whether or not you liked the content, Sony’s big Gamescom 2014 press conference was much better paced than its E3 2014 one. The folks at SCEE cut out all of the fat, and peppered the organisation’s media briefing in Cologne with trailers, announcements, and very little corporate gobbledygook. SCEA boss Shawn Layden, on the other hand, almost killed the firm’s presentation in Los Angeles.

And now he’s getting his comeuppance for that long winded soliloquy regarding the PlayStation Network and PlayStation TV – courtesy of a bucket of icy water. In truth, this is actually for a good cause, with the Ice Bucket Challenge all about raising awareness for ALS. Part of the challenge is that you must nominate someone else, with SCEE boss Jim Ryan and Activision executive Bobby Kotick two of Layden’s picks. We already can’t wait.