Assuming that Sony hasn’t just let a hearty halibut leak out of its typically tight fish tank, then the company looks set to have an incredible showing at GamesCom 2014 next month. As part of a nonchalant lineup list which has appeared on its official convention landing page, the company appears to have confirmed that Journey will be coming to the PlayStation 4 – and it’ll be playable at the German show.

Other unannounced next-gen releases featured in the rundown include teen horror Until Dawn – which was originally revealed for the PlayStation 3 – and paint-‘em-up The Unfinished Swan, which recently got rated for the PS4 and Vita in Korea. None of these titles are surprises, of course, but seeing as they’re still technically secrets, we figured that the firm would save them until its press conference on 12th August.

The fact that it’s putting these products out there now suggests that someone’s either going to find themselves on SCEE boss Jim Ryan’s naughty step in about ten minutes – or that it has even bigger fish to fry during its presentation. Scarily for this exhausted editor, all will be revealed in a matter of weeks.

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