Paint the day away

With most of Sony Santa Monica’s indie-inspired adventures already available on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, it’s only a matter of time before our 2012 Game of the Year winners The Unfinished Swan and Journey make the jump. Fascinatingly, the former may just be closer than you think, as Giant Sparrow’s beautiful first-person foray has been rated for release for each of the abovementioned systems in Korea.

While this isn’t official confirmation of a cross-platform port, it’s uncommon for a publisher to go to the trouble of getting their content classified if it’s not actually in the pipeline. In fact, there were rumours regarding a next-gen edition of the 10/10 affair right around the next-gen console’s launch last year.

We really adored the mostly monochromatic outing when it deployed a couple of Octobers ago, describing it as “a confident, creative tour-de-force”. We were also pretty big fans of its soundtrack, penning this enormous feature with composer Joel Corelitz. In fact, do click on that link – we seem to remember approximately six people reading it when it was originally published.

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