MM Battle Field(2)

Saucy card game Monster Monpiece for the PlayStation Vita will no doubt make plenty of gamers hot under the collar, with artwork so risqué that it had to be censored. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep a cool head thanks to publisher Idea Factory releasing it later this month, avoiding the current summer heat wave. You won't be on the receiving end of any awkward stares in the shops either, as it's being released exclusively on the PlayStation Network on 27th May in North America and 28th May in Europe.

While the game is renowned for its unique levelling mechanic that takes full advantage of the device's dual touch screens, there's more to it than simply removing clothes. Our protagonist and academy student May trains to become a master of 'monster girls' – a race that humans co-exist with. One of her best friends Elza, however, becomes infected with a curse called 'lost'. It doesn't make her wander into the mountains and burst into song, but rather brainwashes her to become a kleptomaniac, as she and her monster girl servants start to steal Magus Quartzes from major cities, bringing the end of the world if they succeed.

While the game's story may sound hit or miss, there's plenty to do. Boasting a simplistic battle system where units move forward across the battle grid to attack enemy strongholds, your focus can be directed at building your deck and your monsters' skills and 'assets'. They'll be able to evolve via the rub system, where you must, er, please your monster in a set amount of time. If you succeed, not only will you get a skimpier outfit and make her more powerful, but she may even transform into an entirely new card. Meanwhile, if you're up for a challenge, you can take the fight online to battle players for special mastery rings that will allow you to obtain some of the most powerful cards in the game. Has this niche title managed to pique your interest, or do you prefer your girls a little less shallow? Undress in the comments section below.