What will you make?

That sure looks like Minecraft, doesn’t it? In response to impatient fans overnight, professional port house 4J Studios has shared the first direct screenshot from the impending PlayStation Vita port of Mojang’s blockbuster – and it looks exactly like you’d expect it to. The image shows the game’s crafting interface, as someone prepares to piece together some wood blocks in order to create a pickaxe.

There’s currently no release date attached to the hotly anticipated handheld port, but series creator Mojang has hinted that it will build a path to the pocketable platform over the next few months. A next-gen edition is also on the way, with a picture of the PlayStation 4 version available through here. Both iterations will receive retail releases, which we suspect will go on to move some serious units.

[source twitter.com, via uk.ign.com, vg247.com]