Love at first sight

Minecraft will punch away at the glossy walls of your PlayStation 4 and Vita within the next few months, Mojang has hinted. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, staffer Owen Hill explained that developer 4J Studios is aiming to complete work on the ports in “Q2/Q3” of this year, meaning that they should be available by the end of September. Platform holder Sony recently confirmed that both versions will be getting a boxed release.

There’s no word on cross-buy just yet, but the employee added that it will have news to share on that front in the near future. “I understand that the wait is frustrating, but we don’t want to make false promises,” he explained. Are you eager to upgrade your block building experience to Sony’s next-gen system, or is it the handheld edition that’s got you seeing pixels? Craft a castle in the comments section below.

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