Look closely

Minecraft port house 4J Studios is known for being a little sneaky with its Twitter account, and the Scotland-based outfit has engaged in a spot of tomfoolery today. Posting about an Xbox Live Arcade sale featuring Perfect Dark – which it also worked on – the company wrote that it now has a “reason” to open a bottle of stashed rum, which it included a picture of. However, look closely at the photograph and you’ll get a first glimpse at both the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of Mojang’s seminal construction game.

The next-gen release can be spotted on the television in the background, as a notification explains that the title sports autosave, and that you should not “turn off your PS4” when an icon is displayed. Meanwhile, the handheld version is easier to spot, as the company conveniently included a Vita in the image, running the game on its gigantic display. Hopefully this means that the conversions aren’t too far away, as we can’t wait to build pixelated bridges on the train. Are you holding out for these particular iterations of the indie smash? Drop a block of text in the comments section below.

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