Minecraft PS4

We already know that Minecraft’s basic building blocks are in place on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, after port house 4J Studios posted a picture of both versions of the game in action. However, the UK-based outfit – which works in conjunction with creator Mojang to convert the indie smash to consoles – has since confirmed that, alongside the Xbox One edition, it is focusing the majority of its attention on bringing the build-‘em-up to Sony’s freshest formats.

“The main thing that we're working on is Minecraft for the Xbox One, PS4, and Vita,” a spokesperson wrote on Twitter. “[We’re also busy working on] Patch 1.06 for the PlayStation 3.” Indeed, this latest update will include compatibility with a bunch of new skins and themes, including the saccharine sweet Candy Texture Pack, which will turn the entire title into the house out of Hansel & Gretel. The other add-on is the Natural Texture Pack, which will give the game a more realistic sheen.

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There’s no firm word on when you’ll be punching trees on your next-gen console just yet, but Mojang’s community manager Owen Hill recently stressed that he expects it to arrive before September, so it may only be a few months away. Either way, we know that Sony’s got retail releases for both the PS4 and Vita versions in mind, though there’s no word on cross-buy. We wouldn’t be surprised if the platform holder put together some bundles, too – particularly for the portable port.

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