Titanfall Vita

Respawn Entertainment’s first-person shooter Titanfall may have stomped all over the PlayStation 4, but there was talk of a PlayStation Vita port before the developer signed with Microsoft. According to GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley’s meaty Final Hours of Titanfall application, the developer reached out to Sony prior to signing with Microsoft – a conversation which led to the platform holder pushing for a portable port.

Apparently, the studio contacted the Japanese giant about the specifications of its next-gen system, but it wasn’t ready to divulge at the time. Instead, it suggested a handheld release – and even indicated that it would help the company to make it. Of course, the port never happened, and the firm may have made a mistake by not being more forthcoming about its format, as the title eventually skipped on its system.

Still, it’s widely believed that the release’s successor – which will be published once again by EA Games – will arrive on the Japanese giant’s next-gen machine. It’d be interesting to see how the whole affair fared on a handheld, though, wouldn’t it? And let’s face it – as strong as its library is at the moment, the Vita could do with a few household names.

[source finalhoursoftitanfall.com, via eurogamer.net]