PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

It didn’t take long for the PlayStation 4 to be crowned the king of next-gen consoles. Speculation regarding the power advantages of Sony’s system was rife prior to release, but the story really exploded when it was confirmed that blockbusters such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Call of Duty: Ghosts would run at a higher resolution than the Xbox One on the Japanese giant’s device. That narrative has continued well into the New Year, with titles such as Trials Fusion demonstrating advantages on the PlayStation maker’s latest platform.

Despite the console’s install base pulling away from its closest competitor, though, outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t believe that the power differentiation is a factor in the sales disparity at all. “I think that it’s funny,” he told Gaming Bolt. “I think that the distinction between these two consoles in terms of power is really [more of] a headline than it is a practical matter. It’s not like anybody says, ‘Oh, I can play the game side by side, and the PS4 game plays better.’”

He continued: “Maybe it looks better, or that’s what some people say, but they generally run at the same speed, so I don’t really understand how people can say that one looks better than the other. I don’t believe them, and I know that everybody loves to say that they can tell [the difference], but I am sure that the average customer can’t. So, I don’t think that it makes any difference at all, and I don’t think that Microsoft is going to try to bring in the ‘power of the cloud’ to make up for anything.”

In a sense, we think that Pachter’s accurate: the average consumer almost certainly can’t tell the difference. However, we think that the issue is more profound than that, as there’s now a mainstream perception that the PS4 is more powerful than its counterpart. And that’s influencing decisions – especially seeing as Sony’s system retails at a lower price point than the Xbox One when stores aren’t slashing its price. Do you agree that this stigma is adversely affecting Microsoft machine? Let us know in the comments section below.