Be afraid

It’s that time of the year where this editor starts panicking over who’s going to review the latest American Football game. While our UK-based office is brimming with footy fanatics, the majority of this team has a fondness for the wrong kind of beautiful game, and that’s likely to cause problems when Madden NFL 15 touches down.

Still, maybe our disinterest in egg-shaped balls may prove positive after all, as EA Sports’ latest non-soccer sim looks practically terrifying in this brand new trailer. The footage is designed to demonstrate the quality of its next-gen player models, but Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly looks anything but impressive in this clip.

The game’s due out on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on 26th August, meaning that we’ve got several months to solve our reviewer dilemma. Moreover, it will give the publisher time to pick a cover star, with the firm planning some form of ESPN poll over the coming weeks. Our vote goes to that one guy with a helmet...