"Give me something to play"

While this editor’s sleepy head is trying not to think about the doom that this year’s E3 will set upon his body clock in just over seven weeks, it’s around this time of the year when we start to hear rumours about what’s to come during the big show. And speculation suggests that Sony may be on the verge of unveiling two new titles named Entwined and Kill Strain.

Both releases were trademarked on 14th April and 15th April respectively, hinting at preparations for an impending reveal. They're each listed as video game software, confirming that they are actual games rather than applications of some kind. The platform holder often files these types of documents before some kind of announcement, as evidenced by The Order: 1886 last year.

Alas, additional details are unavailable at the time of typing. We know that Sony’s entire first-party portfolio is working on the PlayStation 4, so there’s a chance that these could be next-gen games – but they could also be Vita releases. Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain was the name of the fourth entry in Sony Bend’s stealth series, so Kill Strain could relate to that.

Still, we suspect that all will be revealed at this year’s big show. Which studios do you think are working on these titles? What would you like to see at Sony’s press conference this year? Put your thinking hat on in the comments section below.

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