The next big thing?

It’s right around this time of the year when we start to hear whispers about E3 reveals, and Sony has certainly been busy registering trademarks ahead of the big show. Hot on the heels of last week’s Kill Strain and Entwined leaks, the platform holder has now submitted the relevant documentation for a title named Bloodborne?

The word, of course, refers to some form of disease that’s transmitted via bodily fluids, but that doesn’t exactly reveal much about the actual game. A number of outfits within the Japanese giant’s first-party portfolio are working on unannounced PlayStation 4 projects, so this could be the latest release from any of them.

Our best guess right now, though, is the role-playing escapade that’s rumoured to be in production at Guerrilla Games. Despite the studio just releasing Killzone: Shadow Fall, the firm’s thought to have a second team, which recently recruited Fallout: New Vegas’ writer to work on its next big thing. Perhaps it’ll be about some form of plague.

Either way, you can be confident that this will probably pop up during the platform holder’s E3 press conference in a couple of months. Considering the console manufacturer’s silence of late, we have the sneaking suspicion that this year’s show is going to be absolutely packed with big announcements. Who’s excited?