It seems to have become a trend for high-profile developers to lavish undying praise on the PlayStation 4, with the most salient example being Hideo Kojima's laconic love letter to our beloved black box. The fun doesn't stop there, though, as decidedly distinctive director Goichi Suda, also known as Suda51, has recently been talking up the next-gen marvel, and apparently he's tickled pink with the console's "speed".

"The most impressive one to me so far has got to be speed," the luminary stated in an interview with Famitsu. "We make games, so we want to make them fun, and we also put a lot of effort into making them as appealing as possible. In order to do that, we need hardware that can show speed." While we're unsure of exactly which technical aspect of the PS4 he's referring to here, we're always happy to hear of a creator heaping compliments on our favourite super system.

“When it comes to making games, having this speed available as an ingredient really puts us at ease,” Suda continued. “Even as we currently develop, we can really feel the response of having it available.” He's undoubtedly referring to upcoming action title Lily Bergamo, so we're thrilled to hear that the Japanese giant's new machine is serving him well. Now if he just gives us a release date for the impending game, we might be able to forgive him for Killer Is Dead. Do you think that Suda51 knows what he's talking about, or are you convinced that this killer is misled? Let us know in the comments section below.