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One of the defining characteristics of the Borderlands franchise, aside from its salacious susceptibility for stupendous sums of loot, is its gorgeous and distinct art style. In a sea of brown realistic shooters, it's incredibly refreshing to see a series that so wholeheartedly embraces a more cartoony style. It is therefore imperative that the upcoming PlayStation Vita port of Borderlands 2 does a faithful job of recreating said unique visuals.

Luckily for us, Gearnuke has snapped these handy screenshots that compare the PC and Vita editions of the game, and the results are quite striking. Understandably, the handheld version isn't quite as sharp or detailed as its PC counterpart, nor does it display as diverse a colour palette. However, port house Iron Galaxy Studios seems to have done a smashing job of nailing the franchise's painterly look and feel, and the very thought of this art style on our vivid OLED screens is giving us major frissons.

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What do you make of this comparison? Do you plan on indulging in a bit of handheld vault hunting? Push your love over the borderlands in the comments section below.

Borderlands Vita Pc
Borderlands Vita

[source gearnuke.com]