Borderlands2 2

Sony’s on a crusade to resurrect the PlayStation Vita in North America, as its dropping bombs all over the shop in Los Angeles right now. In addition to confirming the handheld’s slimmed down model mere moments ago, the company has also deployed some details on the system’s previously revealed Borderlands 2 port. And it sounds amazing.

If you can get over the fact that the game’s already quite old, it appears that the platform holder’s putting together the ultimate version of the shooter. Speaking during a media briefing in North America, executive John Koller confirmed that the handheld re-release will include all six of the game’s post-release add-on packs, and will feature full cross-save with the PlayStation 3 version.

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Even better, all of the co-operative features from the original title will make a return, while the unique touch interfaces present on the portable itself will offer an easy option for you to pan around maps and manage your inventory. The port’s due out this Spring alongside the newly redesigned handheld. Who’s heading back to Pandora? Crack open our vault in the comments section below.