Borderlands 2

Ever since Randy Pitchford hinted that a PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2 could happen with Sony’s support, gamers have been clamouring for the first-person shooter to hit the handheld. But in a move that’s more bizarre than Tiny Tina, it’s actually happening in 2014. The platform holder confirmed the port during its GamesCom press conference, promising a direct conversion of the loot-and-shoot action from the PlayStation 3 release.

“The Vita gives Borderlands 2 fans the ability to play the game anywhere they want, complete with of all the unique benefits of the Vita, and will truly bring the four-player cooperative experience to the palms of your hands,” explained product manager Adam Fletcher on the PlayStation Blog. The adaptation’s being handled by Divekick developer Iron Galaxy, while Sony’s taking on publishing duties.

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With the port not due out until next year, this does seem a little behind the curve, but we suppose that the portability of the Vita will breathe new life into the original adventure. Considering the scope of the game, though, we are a little concerned how well the title will translate. Are you praying to Handsome Jack for a solid port? Let us know in the comments section below.