PlayStation Now may not be the comprehensive PlayStation 4 backward compatibility solution that you’ve been craving – but the bigwigs beavering away in Sony’s research and development department may have something even better in store. reports that the platform holder is busying itself with a local emulator that will power PSone and PlayStation 2 titles on the next generation system – and will even implement some noteworthy visual upgrades in the process.

According to the site, the sorcerous software will be based upon the same code found in the PlayStation 3’s firmware, but will take advantage of the new console’s supercharged architecture to augment some improvements. The publication speculates that this may result in older titles being rendered at a native high-definition resolution, resulting in the kind of improvements often reserved for unofficial PC emulators and some of the previous generation’s HD re-masters.

The rumour doesn’t indicate whether you’ll be able to insert your old discs in order to enjoy your ageing titles on the recently released machine, but we suspect that the platform holder will be all too happy to sell you digital versions via the PlayStation Store. Do you like the idea of being able to easily return to your back catalogue, or have you got enough to play as it is? Pop on your rose tinted glasses in the comments section below.