PlayStation 4

We’re not sure that the PlayStation 4 could have sold better if it shipped with an image of Jessica Rabbit in the buff, as Sony has smashed record after record with its next generation machine. Despite that, the system still remains harder to find than a four-leafed clover in many parts of the world, but fortunately the platform holder has admitted that it’s fully committed to replenishing empty store shelves.

Speaking about the strong sales of the recently released super system, PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara stressed that it will be doing everything that it can to get the console into eager gamers’ hands. “Our focus now is [on] rebuilding stock levels so that those that have not been able to get a PS4 can finally experience the next-gen,” he said as part of a statement on the device’s outstanding British sales.

Late last year, the executive hinted that it may take months for the hardware supply to fulfil the ravenous demand. However, there are signs of new units arriving around the world, with a recent batch at pushing the platform back to the top of the charts. Are you still struggling to secure a system of your own, or have you been part of the next-gen club for a while now? Hunt us down in the comments section below.