You know you want one

Did you miss out on the new PlayStation 4 stock at Best-Buy last weekend? Don't worry, because there is still hope that you'll be able to snag a new system in North America before Christmas. Mega retailer Walmart has announced that it will have fresh supply available from Sunday, 15th December – but you'll need to be fast if you want to snag one of the sought-after systems.

In a press release, the giant said: "On Sunday, Walmart's largest shipment of the PS4 – one of the most coveted gifts of the season – will arrive at stores across the country, just in time for Christmas. will also have a limited quantity of console inventory available while supplies last."

Given the pent-up demand surrounding Sony's next generation console, you can expect this latest shipment to sell out promptly. As always, we recommend checking with your local branch before making any long journeys. You'll also want to arrive nice and early if your nearest outlet is participating.

Sony announced overnight that the PS4 was the top-selling console in North America in November. However, the manufacturer has struggled to replenish store shelves since the system's launch last month, primarily due to the popularity of the platform in Europe. It'll be interesting to see whether it can hold onto the position in December, or if supply constraints consign it to a lower position.