Quick, there isn't a queue

We’ve been fairly thorough with our PlayStation 4 stock updates in the UK, but we appreciate that our readership spans further than the British Isles. Part of the reason for our focus, however, is down to the fact that Sony’s next generation console has been incredibly supply constrained across North America following last week’s European launch. Fortunately, the region is getting new units this weekend.

A leaked Best Buy advertisement has revealed that the highly sought after system will be available in limited quantities at outlets nationwide this Sunday, 8th December. It’s worth checking with your local branch to make sure, but we’ve been able to verify this information at a couple of stores. From what we can understand, shops aren’t opening early, so you’ll probably want to make sure that you’re in-line prior to the usual 10AM opening time. Again, this is all information that we advise you confirm with your nearest outlet.

It seems that this will represent your strongest opportunity to obtain the system from a Best Buy before Christmas, as the retailer appears to be holding any new stock back for the promotion. Interestingly, if you already own the console – or want a couple of games to go along with your shiny new machine – it’s worth mentioning that the merchant is also giving out 400 bonus My Best Buy Points if you snag Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, NBA 2K14, Angry Birds: Star Wars, or Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Are you planning to tour the United States in order to track down a PS4? Are you aware of any other retailers with stock? How are you finding the availability of the console now that we approach its first month anniversary on (or off) store shelves? Stand in line in the comments section below.

[source cheapassgamer.com, via gottabemobile.com]