Michael Pachter

North America has proven a bit of a stronghold for Microsoft over the years. Back in September, Sony put an end to the Xbox 360’s incredible 32 month winning streak in the region – only to fall back behind in October. However, despite reports to the contrary coming out of Black Friday, it appears that the Japanese giant could be about to stop its adversary's reign in the all-important territory once and for all, as industry analyst Michael Pachter predicts that the PlayStation 4 outsold its closest competitor by 66 per cent in November.

In his most recent investor note, the outspoken executive hinted that the platform holder’s next generation console sold 1.25 million units during its first month on store shelves, while the Xbox One managed just 750,000 units. It’s worth noting that the PlayStation maker’s machine did launch first, but the firm also had to supply a much greater number of European nations two weeks later.

MCV points out that the divide mimics the situation in the UK, where the PS4 sold 250,000 units at launch compared to the Xbox One’s still solid 150,000 units – a 66 per cent difference. Assuming that the figures are accurate, these numbers will be giving Microsoft suits nightmares, as the Redmond-based firm has typically struggled outside of the two abovementioned nations. Of course, if these trends continue, expect the company to respond soon.

[source mcvuk.com]