Now you'll never miss a livestream

If the idea of spending time away from your PlayStation 4 is sending shivers down your spine, then you may be delighted to learn that the PlayStation App is available for iOS and Android devices in North America right now. A pivotal part of Sony’s next generation strategy, the smartphone software will allow you to keep tabs on your PlayStation Network friends, gaming social feed, and even purchase PlayStation Store content – which will automatically download to your system – on the move.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to send text and voice messages to your associates, multiplayer invites, and even connect to the next generation console in order to unlock second screen experiences in titles such as The Playroom. Don’t worry if you don’t own a fancy smartphone, though, as the latest PlayStation Vita firmware update also added a lot of this functionality to the platform holder’s pocketable device.

Have you given the PlayStation App a go yet? What are your initial thoughts on the digital download? Slide to unlock in the comments section below.

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