Like this, but on Vita

The upcoming PlayStation App sure sounds useful, but it’s pointless if you don’t happen to own an iOS or Android powered device. Fortunately, platform holder Sony has not forgotten about the PlayStation Vita, as it’s hinted that some of the features and functionality from its smartphone software will be added to its flagship handheld as part of a new application.

Asked on Twitter whether the portable would secure a version of the companion app, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida responded that a “PS4 Link” tool will be added as part of the system’s next firmware update. While you can already stay up to date with your PlayStation Network friends and send messages on the Vita, it seems likely that this new option will allow you to stream shared videos and access the all-important second screen features that the Japanese giant revealed for its mobile aide late last week.

For those that missed the announcement, the PlayStation App will allow smaller developers to stream data to smartphones in order to enable second screen experiences without the need for much additional programming. One title already taking advantage of the function is The Playroom, allowing you to draw items on a handheld device which can then be tossed into the game world. Additional details are scarce about the Vita version, but we're sure that all will be uncovered in due time.

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