PlayStation - Third-Party Production

Not content with the avalanche of titles currently confirmed for the various PlayStation platforms, Sony has established a brand new division dedicated to bringing third-party content to its consoles. Creatively dubbed Third-Party Production, the new unit will focus on porting and localising games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita.

Announced during a PAX Prime 2013 panel overnight, the division was founded as a result of the recently announced Borderlands 2 port for the Vita. Gio Corsi, a former lead producer at LucasArts and executive producer on the now-defunct Star Wars 1313, has been hired to run the operation. You can pester him for ports on Twitter.

This is enormous news, because it now means that there’s an avenue for titles such as, say, Yakuza 5 to release overseas. While publisher SEGA may not be too keen on the idea of bringing the game to the west, theoretically Corsi and his crew could work with the Japanese company to get it localised. It also means that there’s hope for more Vita releases of big games.

So, what third-party content that isn’t currently in the pipeline would you like to see released on the numerous PlayStation platforms? Feel free to plead your case in the comments section below, and we’ll send this thread to Corsi at the end of the day.

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